The lighting inside the Pyramids in ancient Egypt

How did the ancient Egyptians manage to light the inside of the pyramids, as well as the underground walkways and galleries in the Valley of the Kings, and how did they provide the lighting required for the workmen in the subterranean burial chambers ? Up to this day, this much-debated subject has remained a highly interesting question.

The answer is provided by the archeological excavation report « Les fouilles de l’institut français d’archéologie orientale du Caire – Deïr-el-Medineh » (« Excavations performed by the French Institute for Oriental Archeology in Cairo – Deïr-el-Medineh »).
The issue is addressed in full detail by French archeologist Bernard Bruyère in his 1924/25 excavation report entitled « L’éclairage des travailleurs d’hypogées » (« Lighting during construction work in underground burial sites). Bernard Bruyère was director of the 1920 – 1956 excavation campaign at Deïr-el-Medineh (also spelled « Deir el-Medina »).