Henry de Lumley, Honorary President of the Foundation Héphaïstos
Emeritus Professor at the National Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle
Member of the Institut de France
President of the European Centre for Prehistoric Research Tautavel

Sure, the domestication of fire about 400,000 years BC; certainly had a great importance in the history of mankind and is a new factor in humanization, as I already wrote in my book « The first man was ».

Actually the story of the fire, the light sources and the lighting is quite unknown , but these three topics are essential to life. Note, that there is currently little or no literature that tells this story from the beginning until today.

The site « Collection Héphaïstos » gives an overview of the history of the fire, the light sources and lighting, without going into scientific details and shows the path of light from prehistory to the present day, a pleasant reading for the interested reader, and who does not care about the light?

You will also learn about from these pages of the website, in geographical and historical context, the oil lamps from all over the world, where they have been used, with many illustrations. This presentation is not exhaustive, but covers all areas of the oil lamps in the world, a complete explanation of their origin, production , domestic use , sacred or special significance in people’s lives. The structure of the collection contributes to the creation of a world heritage site, that should not be lost. In fact, all the collected oil lamps are important on one hand because many are used in areas that are in conflict zones with destroying homes, and on the other hand, step by step makes the installation of electricity and thus the comfort, the use  of oil lamps superfluous.

Visiting the website and looking at the many pictures and  forgotten and little-known or unknown knowledge leads  to a certain enrichment.