Afghanische Lampen

The first Islamic oil lamps from Afghanistan

Specific lamps appear in the population who belonged to all Islam, from the tenth century, in the mountains of Afghanistan. Varying from one valley to another, these Afghan oil lamps made of stone in very different forms.

The Lampe of swats

The people of swats lived on horseback between Afghanistan and Pakistan, in the high mountains of the Hindu Kush in Nuristan. There are oil lamps made of hard wood, and partly mounted on a pin. These are the only known oil lamps made of wood (except for a few in the temples of Nepal). Many have carved geometric patterns.

The Lampe of Istalif

At the conclusion of the presentation of the Islamic oil lamps in Afghan valleys high up, from the province Istalif in the Shomali plain north of Kabul. They are historically known for pottery of beautiful terracotta with blue frosting.