The collection

numero 1

Cette lampe, en laiton ciselée, est l’exemplaire no. 1 de la collection « Héphaïstos » ;
elle a été achetée chez un antiquaire de Leyden (NL) en 1954.

Naissance de la collection « Héphaïstos »

For over forty years, I have been collecting oil lamps. The idea of ​​collecting oil lamps developped in an antique shop in Leyden on a trip to Holland. Through the wisdom of my wife and her insistence, we bought one of these beautiful Dutch oil lamps . And this lamp was the number one of my collection, which I dare say she is now unique: 1,600 lamps and some higher-level related objects, which we have finally called in the following the « collection Hephaestus », after the Greek god of fire.
Since that first trip, some futher trips took us to different places, in many museums, in many historic sites and many archaeological sites. So we had time to get acquainted with countless oil lamps from around the world, with the most varied styles, from Phoenician lamps of the third millennium BC to Quinquet and the lamp of Pigeon, about which one still remembers today, among others, the sacral, cult and votive lamps of all ages.

Note about the size of lamps in the Collection

Each lamp was photographed with a coin, serving as scale for comparing the size of the lamps. This coin is Swiss 1 penny or German 1 Pfennig, or more recently 1 Euro Cent. These three coins are the same size, ie, 16 mm in diameter.

For Aladdin lamps collection, this coin is 1 Euro (€), because these lamps are larger in nature; its diameter is 23 mm.