Comparison of lamps of the collection with lamps of museums worldwide

Canaanite lamp – comparison reference :

Opposite, top right:
An example of a Canaanite lamp on this website and the lamp exhibited at the British Museum in London

Opposite, left:
An example of a Canaanite lamp from the Hephaestus Collection ~ 2200 BC

Phoenician lamp – comparison reference: Museum Oxford

Opposite top left:
Lamp No. 26
1550 – 1000 BC
Opposite on right :
Phoenician lamp 2.2.5 of the collection Hephaestus from the Bronze Age corresponds to the lamp in the Oxford Museum

Greek lamps – a reference for the comparison lamps 1) and 2): Hellenistic Greek lamp – comparison reference:

1) Greek oil lamp found during excavations of 1908 in Delos This lamp left Fig. 2 corresponds to the lamp in the collection Héphaïstos 4.1.3 below:
2) The lamp shown below has been found during the archeological excavations of 1995 on the shores of the Sea of Galilee (a.k.a. Lake Gennesaret) in Israel This lamp corresponds to the lamp of the Hephaïstos Collection 4.2.6 below:

Hellenistic Greek lamp – comparison reference:

The lamp above No. 63 of the Istanbul Archaeological Museum corresponds to the Greek Hellenistic lamp opposite right, Hasmonean origin of 100 years (+ / -50 BC), from the Hephaestus collection 4.3.1

Islamic lamps – comparison reference:

Both Islamic lamps collection Hephaestus 5.1.115 and 5.1.116 resemble the lamps above of Sadurska, to get pleasure from.

Comparison referenc: Museum of Merv – Turkmenistan

The lamps of the Museum Merv left, 11-12th century as indicated on the label. The Islamic lamp 11.2.1 of Hephaestus collection below is in the same class, as the lamp in the museum Merv.

Comparison referenc

On the left:
Islamic lamp from the
Museum of Iran Tehran
0f the 11th/12th century

On the right:
Islamic Lamp of the collection Hephaestus 11.2.9